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River stone mortar & pestle Natural stone mill for spices, pastes, pestos and guacamole

River stone mortar & pestle Natural stone mill for spices, pastes, pestos and guacamole

MORTAR AND PESTLE are one of the oldest tools used to prepare food.

The flavors that emerge from freshly pounded ingredients are simply unbeatable.

The majority of great chefs still use the simple and humble mortar and pestle while creating masterpieces in their restaurants.

Mortars and pestles are the original and traditional tools for grinding your herbs and spices and adding the aromatic flavor of your fresh ingredients.

BEAUTIFUL NATURAL RIVER STONE - Adds a stylish touch to any kitchen.

Show off your natural stone mortar and pestle set when not in use! Great for parties!

IMPRESS YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS! You will love this artifact style mortar and pestle with its natural finish.

PREMIUM QUALITY - Ideal for grinding herbs, spices, nuts and seeds to unleash their full flavor and fabulous aroma.

When making a Thai curry paste, pesto, ras el hanout, dukkah or whatever your favorite spice mix is.

Non-porous natural igneous RIVER STONE - No abrasion when grinding spices

PERFECT SIZE - Perfect for the professional chef or at home. Contemporary rustic design.

Robust mortar outer shell:

LxWxH 15x15x11cm - inner shell: LxWxH 11x11x8 cm - pestle - L 15cm D 4cm

EASY TO CLEAN - Your non-porous, solid river stone, mortar and pestle will not absorb oils, spices and juices.

Simply hand wash with water and let dry. HAND WORK and is therefore unique in every respect. Differences in shape, colour, shading and structure are signs of the individuality of this mortar

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